Burning Studio UI

  • Redesign of the interface and creation of a new intuitive menu
my Work in detail
  • Designing an intuitive menu that is easy to navigate in collaboration with the stakeholders and developers
  • Redesigning wizards, such as the cover editor, to help the users to achieve their goals faster
  • Creating high fidelity mockups for two different themes
  • Designing icons and graphics with Adobe Illustrator and optimizing them for different screen resolutions
  • Animation of icons and graphics with Adobe After Effects
  • Adjusting and programming the interface in XML in collaboration with the development team
  • Creation of product and advertising graphics with Adobe Photoshop and Boxshot 3D for the company website, partner stores and social media
  • The clear menu helps new users to get started
  • Improvement of the programs’ User Experience
  • Successful sales worldwide